Our experience in taking high school students to remote Indigenous Australia gives us the insight to anticipate risks before they become a problem

Everyone involved in our Immersion Program wants students to have life-changing experience without having to worry about their safety. The best way to take care of this is to anticipate problems rather than react to them. That’s why we work behind the scenes to make sure that we reduce the risk of encountering any issues that might get in the way of the group’s experience.

Every activity goes through a careful process that tests for safety. No decision is taken without thought.

We ensure that:

  • The group stays in safe, fenced-off areas and are welcomed and hosted by respected Elders
  • An orientation is held on the first day in each location and a safety briefing is held every morning of the building project
  • Students are never left unsupervised
  • Immersion Leaders are on the ground well before the group to do a final safety check on all activities
  • Teachers maintain final responsibility for students and can veto any activity they deem unsafe
  • All students are asked to anticipate potential problems, such as those associated with food allergies and pre-existing conditions
  • We ensure that that there is plentiful water, food, sunscreen and insect repellent and that everyone is wearing adequate clothing
  • We abide by all Australian standards of building safety