Taking high school students to remote Australia is our business. Our single-minded focus gives us the means to prepare immersions that are safe and feel safe

We know that parents and teachers will settle for nothing short of a meticulously planned immersion where every component has been tested for potential safety or security issues. And that’s the standard we set for ourselves.

We have the experience in remote Indigenous Australia to truly make safety our first priority

This means that:

  • Red Earth works with your school to create a comprehensive, 150-page risk assessment that takes into account the particular needs of the student group and the region to which they are travelling.
  • Our leaders take school staff through a safety workshop where we discuss roles and responsibilities and simulate responses to incidents.
  • Before schools have joined our program, we have already worked behind the scenes with communities, homelands, Elders and Traditional Owners to ensure that they are capable of meeting our strict safety requirements.
  • All our staff are cleared for working with children, are certified 4WD off-road drivers and are certified in Remote & Wildnerness First-Aid. Moreover, all our Leaders have spent time in the region and are aware of potential hazards. They arrive days before the group does to do a final safety check on all activities.
  • Teachers are briefed on potential hazards before the immersion and the school is made aware of our response strategies in case anything happens.
  • Students are briefed about safety during pre-departure sessions and are made aware of strategies for dealing with health and safety concerns.
  • We notify all relevant local authorities of our presence so that they may respond swiftly in case of an emergency.
  • Parents can contact Red Earth 24/7 if they wish to talk to their child because of something that has happened back at home.