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Immersion Leaders – Applications for 2018 Immersions


We are always looking for hard-working and dedicated people with strong leadership skills and a wealth of outdoors experience for paid roles as Immersion Leaders.

You will work leading groups of high school students on Immersion trips to remote communities to learn more about their culture.

Recruitment for our 2018 immersion programs will begin in late January next year. If you are interested in applying, please email through a CV and cover letter to Caroline Lake in January, 2018. If you are successful, our office will be in touch to organise an interview.




What does Red Earth do?

Red Earth is a social enterprise that fosters partnerships between schools and remote Indigenous Australia in an effort to open students’ eyes to the beauty and diversity of Indigenous Australia. Through this, we hope that students will gain a greater insight into the world of Indigenous Australia and create life-long connections to the land and people.

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Red Earth takes groups of around 20 high school students and teachers from a school and travels to remote Indigenous Australia for an immersion lasting up to 11 days. During this time, they contribute to an Aboriginal community or homeland and immerse themselves in the culture of the land with activities led by elders and traditional owners. The group spends about half the time on a volunteering project; these are chosen by local elders and, in the past, have included building and repairing existing amenities, installing water tanks, fencing paddocks and digging vegetable gardens. When students are not working on the project, they can look forward to learning about the oldest culture in the world with activities such as bushwalks, dreamtime stories, smoke ceremonies, tool-making, fishing trips and talks by elders around the campfire. We hope that these experiences will remain at the forefront of students’ minds as they transition into adulthood and start to shape Australia’s future.


Immersion Leaders

Immersion Leaders are the most important people the students will encounter during their program. You’re responsible for the delivery of the program, through mentoring, reflection and helping students build relationships with people, culture & land. Immersion Leaders are in a position of authority and responsibility and serve to liaise between the school and the local people. During your assignment as an Immersion Leader, you will:

  • Run 2 pre-departure Leadership Sessions in school with your group that serve as preparation for the students and teachers.
  • Execute the 9-11-day Immersion, arriving two days before to ensure everything on the ground is ready, departing one day after to allow for pack up.
  • Plan and execute the logistics needed in the delivery of the Immersion.
  • Work closely with Indigenous communities to achieve small-scale community projects and deliver meaningful experiences.
  • Hold Reflection Session with the group during the trip to encourage students to analyse and reflect on their journey and experiences.
  • Work alongside an Immersion 2IC who is there to assist with the logistics and delivery of the Immersion.

We need our Immersion Leaders to be well-prepared for the responsibilities they will have over the course of the Immersion Program. To prepare for the program, Red Earth will provide successful candidates with the following training, if required:

  • 2 days of advanced first aid training, including a Remote Area First Aid course
  • 1 day of Advanced 4WD training
  • 1 day of Bronze Medallion training


What We’re Looking For:

To be considered for an Immersion Leader role, you will:

  • Be 21 on or before 1 April 2018
  • Hold an open, manual car license or be attaining one before 1 April 2017
  • Live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney regions
  • Be able to commit to a 12-day immersion in June, July, August, September or October 2018
  • Be able to commit to 2 x 1 hour pre-departure sessions (in school), prior to your immersion


Desirable Applicants:

  • Have leadership experience, especially with young people
  • Have previous First Aid Training
  • Have industry recognised qualifications
  • Have an ability to carry out responsibilities in unfamiliar circumstances
  • Have an ability to teach others in an effective and engaging way
  • Are able to plan and adapted to dynamic environments
  • Have experience working with groups in remote environments
  • Have a focus on safety, and are able to perform risk assessments in the field
  • Are driven, focused and calm under pressure
  • Have an interest and/or desire to connect with Indigenous people in remote communities

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Immersion Leaders are paid relative to experience with the organisation. This ensures we can retain and reward our best Immersion Leaders. Immersion Leaders will paid according to the scale below: (Please note this scale is specific to each region. Leaders wishing to train in a new region will be employed in the 2IC role, and be paid $2,000 for their first trip in a new region).

  • New Volunteer – Volunteering
  • Return Volunteer in ‘2IC’ position – $1,000
  • New highly qualified and experienced person in ‘2IC’ position – $1,000
  • First time Leader – $2,500
  • Second time Leader – $2,750
  • Third time Leader – $3,000
  • Fourth time Leader – $3,250
  • Fifth time Leader & beyond – $3,500
  • Existing Leader being trained in new region in ‘2IC’ position $2,000


All training costs (for qualifications obtained after gaining employment) and trip related expenses are covered. Immersion Leaders can be assigned to more than one Immersion in 2018 if they are available. In the past, we have had leaders lead as many as 4 Immersions per year.


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Where: Schools in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Immersions in Cape York, Arnhem Land & Central Australia (APY Lands)

Workload: Contract



Caroline Lake

Program Manager
Red Earth

Level 6, 229-231 Macquarie St
Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000

Phone: (02) 9223 3833




If you’re just looking to get involved, why not check out our Volunteering Page for openings?