Aboriginal culture is so connected to the land that it is almost impossible to truly appreciate it outside its original context.

Elders in remote communities are aware of this and sometime lament the fact that young people from the city are only exposed to their culture in bite-sized pieces or in town centres. For high school students to spend up to 11 days immersed in Aboriginal culture represents a unique opportunity. From being welcomed by a traditional smoke ceremony to gathering their own dinner and from going on fishing trips to being taught how to fashion traditional Aboriginal instruments, the different facets of Aboriginal culture are all there.

Students will be staying in communities and homelands and will be surrounded by culture the whole time.  Elders and traditional owners take great pride in showing the different facets of their culture to younger generations. Indeed, they understand that reconciliation begins early and relish the chance to teach our future voters and leaders about the lives they lead.

Before you connect with your heart, you must first connect with your hands and mind