Central Australia & Uluru

The APY lands are found in the North Western part of South Australia and were officially amalgamated in 1981.

This red, fiery, beautiful region is extremely isolated from the rest of urban Australia. The logistical challenges and environmental extremes that characterise the life of those who live on these lands are defining of their 40,000 year-old culture. The land is dry, spacious and beautiful—from the undulating red sand plains to the Everard ranges, the place is permeated by an enduring and ancient culture that binds those who live there to the land. Volcanic sunsets make way for a sublime ceiling of shooting stars that blaze across the skyscape.

No one who has been to Central Australia is left untouched by the stories of the people who lend life to the land

Starting in Alice Springs, meander through the iconic Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park and on through Red Bank Gorge and the MacDonnell Ranges before heading into the eye-opening communities and homelands of the APY Lands.