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Posted on May 16, 2016

Safety Information Sheet

Red Earth is committed to providing and maintaining the highest standard of health, safety and wellbeing for all students, teachers, contractors and community partners. Everyone has the right to be safe during all aspects of our Immersions.

Your health and safety is important to us. So remember to take reasonable care of yourself, ensure your actions don’t affect the health and safety of others, or the environment, and ensure you comply with instructions.

Red Earth has a duty to:

  • Provide you with support and supervision by a Red Earth Leader and Volunteer
  • Provide a safe immersion, where you also feel safe
  • Expose you to the least risk possible whilst still maintaining a spirit of adventure
  • Tell you about any risks before you begin an activity
  • Train you properly if you are doing something unfamiliar
  • Have access to a first-aid kit and a satellite phone
  • Have strategies to reduce and respond to risk and have an Immersion Leader trained to implement these.
  • Comply with Work Health and Safety legislation

Student’s role and responsibilities include:

  • Ensure your parents have provided the school with your latest medical and dietary requirements
  • Report hazards and incidents as they occur
  • Ensure your camp area is without risk to health and safety of yourself or others
  • Actively participate in all health and safety activities and briefing sessions (this means asking questions about anything you are unsure about)
  • Listen to and understand instructions
  • Report injuries or concerns immediately
  • Stay in pairs when away from the campsite
  • Use common sense
  • Never wander off

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