Nudgee first night

About Us

Red Earth is an Australian organisation that seeks to open the eyes and hearts of young people to those living in remote Indigenous Australia.

We do this by helping Elders and Traditional Owners who live in remote Australia welcome groups onto their land and show them their way of life. Through this, we hope that young people from cities will maintain a long-lasting connection to the land and to the people. From our Sydney office, we organise and facilitate immersive programs for schools wishing to expose their students to the rich culture that permeates remote Indigenous Australia.

Shared experience is the bedrock of reconciliation in action. 

Since 2011, when schools from Brisbane and Sydney first came on board, we have never looked back thanks to the enthusiasm of everyone who has been involved, from parents who can’t believe the change in their child to principals who have made the journey alongside their students. Most importantly, we are spurred on by what Elders and Traditional Owners know and often say: that young people who make the journey send a powerful message that shared experience and shared hope for the future is the bedrock of reconciliation in this country.